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Our Puppies

Harper Denali's Litter


Our smallest F1 we have ever had! She will likely be under 20lbs full grown. Full of fun and personality with beautiful markings!

Porsche Denalis Litter


Porsche is a beautiful F1 tri color pup with splashes of white.  She loves to play with the children and puppies! Very sweet and snuggly pup and very athletic. She hikes for miles a day off leash, is crate trained and sleeps through the night:)



Vanderbilt is a super silky sweetheart with soft wavy hair.
I love how she is well socialized and plays with every puppy and big dog.
She hikes for miles a day off leash, is crate trained, sleeps through the night, and comes when called.
She weighs 19lbs now and will be fully grown around 22 lbs, perfect for smaller living quarters. She was born August 19, 2022 and is currently being trained as a service dog for emotional support, but can be trained for other medical conditions.
Come meet and snuggle her with us!!




Is a wonderful pup who plays hard and shifts to calm and resting once the playing is done.

He is crate trained, sleeping through the night since he was 3 weeks old, hikes off leash for miles a day, and is ready for his forever home!!

He is 22 lbs and will be fully grown close to 25 lbs, perfect for smaller living spaces. Cornell is currently being trained as a service dog for emotional support, but can be trained for other medical conditions. He was born August 19, 2022.

Come meet and snuggle himwith us!

Peyton girl Porsche


Peyton is an F1b Micro Bernedoodle and all five pounds of her is filled with love. She is fully hypoallergenic and crate trained. The funniest part of Peyton is that she comes when called but then stands at the door and bounces back and forth trying to play when everyone else is done. She loves affection and also gives it freely. She hikes for miles a day and is very athletic despite her petite size. We will miss her when she finds her forever home. She will be a wonderful addition to any family!

McKinley Porsche


McKinley has stolen our hearts, all 4 lbs of her.  She is a micro Bernedoodle with perfect  tri color  markings, whois every bit as sweet as she is tiny! She is a pocket book princess for sure and will be happiest with her owner all day. A love.

Winston Porsche


Winston is just plain adorable. A classic F1b who's very playful and snuggles happily by the fire.

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Text my cell to see sweet videos of the pups and join us on  FaceTime for a Puppy Meet and Greet.

Hi!  Thanks for visiting our puppies.  My name is Siobhan Fitzpatrick.  Feel free to call or text my cell to ask any questions, to make a reservation, or for more sweet videos of the puppies!

My Cell #: (646) 331-7697

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Eagles Nest Bernedoodles

Hi!  My name is Siobhan Fitzpatrick and I am the breeder here at Eagles Nest Bernedoodles.

We are located in the historic Hudson Valley, NY, in a town called Mahopac.  Our home is nestled on a mountaintop overlooking the valley and set on 17 acres of pristine hiking trails and grassy fields, perfect for training young pups and children.

We breed for personality, genetic soundness, trainability and longevity.  Our goal is to produce puppies who are calm and content, come when called, and crate trained to smoothly transition the puppy to its forever home. 

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Contact Us

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, or to tell us about the puppy you are hoping for.

Mahopac NY

(646) 331-7697 ( call or text )

Thanks for submitting!

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All About Us

We love puppies and we produce super healthy, well trained, socialized, happy Bernedoodles that will be a great addition to your home with a seamless transition. 

I am a home breeder (my husband and I are both doctors, with 6 of our own children) specializing in Bernedoodles bred for personality, genetic soundness, intelligence, and longevity.  Bernedoodles have all the personality and loyalty of a Bernese Mountain Dog with the trainability of a Poodle. The concept of this designer breed is brilliant because genetic disease is rarely passed on due to the 2 sets of chromosomes, resulting in almost no genetic issues and family pets living well past the life expectancy of pure bred dogs. 

We are located in the historic Hudson Valley, NY in a town called Mahopac. Our home is nestled on a mountaintop overlooking the valley and set on 17 acres of pristine hiking trails and grassy fields perfect for training young pups. We would love to have you visit and meet the puppies and their siblings, they are always up for playing.

 We love dogs and love training puppies for their forever owners. Our philosophy is to really spend time with our puppies, train them, connect with them, snuggle them,  correct unwanted behavior, and  have them imprint and trust people. Our first goals are to crate train and train puppies to come when called. Our dogs are confident and calm and love to be around people and animals.  We have raised 100's of animals and have placed some as well and nothing replaces time and affection in raising little ones and we have this in spades. Because of our health care background , our  nutritional program includes raw meat, farm fresh eggs and a superior quality dog food without preservatives, colorants, or indigestible grains, setting the stage for a super healthy long living puppy, minimizing health issues.

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