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He is absolutely such a good boy! learning everything very fast, he makes my day everyday! 

We are actually getting more sleep with him than before Brady. He still loves to sleep in and is such a cuddler!!



She was amazing! She told me she had to go out, she did her business and was great. Nice walk, she is in our kitchen with gates and we are both here with her. She is just the best dog ever!

Melissa and Mike


She is painfully adorable! and has a hilarious personality. Can't get down the street without saying hello to everything and every dog.

Dana and Mark

Testimonials: Females

Georgie and Sammy

OMG! these puppies are amazing!!! They have settled in so nicely, learn very quickly, and stay calm and happy all the time. You did a wonderful job training them from the get go, and they respond immediately to love, direction, encouragement. Humphrey has started playing with them all the time, and has even toned down his "play" so he doesnt terrify them. it isn't working out beautifully!! Thank you for 2 lovely pups-we are madly in love with them. 

Laurie and John


He is an absolute sweet heart and very cuddly and playful. We're Having a blast!

Megan and Michael


Completes our family for sure. The best cuddles and a bed hog! He's the best. Runs with me everyday. Big mush!


Testimonials: Females
Testimonials: Females

Happy puppies make happy families even happier!!

Bella (kings)




This Bella our rescue that has unexpectedly entered our lives and we love her.

Kris Michaels

We love our Ruby girl! She is such a smart sweet girl!!



Jasper seems to be settling very nicely! We had a ride down to island and we carry him out to potty! He is doing great. Thank you so much for his first weeks in surrounded by family

Mary and Jimmy


Pippa had her first vet visit today and did great! th vet and techs loved er. She's so good with people, so friendly to everyone she meets. 



We just adore her. She is smart, funny, confident and of course, so darn cute!


Testimonials: Females


Thanl you again and again for our beautiful little boy, Hudson! We watched the dog show today and couldn't help but think how lucky those dogs were that Hudson couldn't be in that competition! Happy New Year and your family!


Testimonials: Females
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